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Before Blood Banks There Was Clara Barton

Clara BartonIt took the determination of women’s suffrage advocate Clara Barton to create the American Red Cross. She began her humanitarian work by organizing a program for locating men listed as missing in action during the Civil War and getting the information to their families. After the war she was determined to expand the organization’s duties to include providing needed assistance during national disasters.

In 1881 her American Red Cross foundation was tested during the Great Fire of 1881 in Michigan. The foundation cared for around 5,000 people left homeless.

Today there are a million Red Cross volunteers and 30,000 employees mobilized annually to provide relief to people affected by more than 67,000 disasters.

Citizens are also encouraged to maintain supplies for local disasters including keeping bottled water, food and first aid supplies easily accessible at home and in the car.

Medibag First Aid kit

Medibag First Aid KitMost First Aid kits include all the supplies needed for adults but do not have kid-friendly supplies. Our Medibag First Aid kit includes all the basic supplies needed for the inevitable mishaps that occur around the home and while traveling. From scuffed knees to bug bites you are covered.

The kit includes 117 supplies and a free 45 supply refill kit. It’s pediatrician recommended and all the products are latex free.

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Top 5 Movies To Watch On the 4th of July

Fill yourself with hot dogs and grilled corn then take a break from the heat with a great 4th of July movie.

1. Born on the 4th of July

This is not the happiest film on the list but it is a classic. Tom Cruise stars as Ron Kovic, a real-life Vietnam War veteran who became a prominent antiwar activist after returning home paralyzed. Oliver Stone won the Academy Award for Best Director in 1989. Universal is releasing a new Blu-ray edition this week. Roger Ebert’s review.

2. Forrest Gump

This American epic starring Tom Hanks is fun to watch. The story spans several decades in the life of the slow-witted Alabama native Forrest Gump. His life is a roller coaster ride of disaster, humor and triumph, but such is life. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1994. Roger Ebert’s review


3. Patton

Watching Oscar winner George C. Scott play US General Patton is a treat. It is a 1970’s film which spans the life of Patton during World War II. It won 7 Academy Awards in 1971 including Best Picture and Best Actor. It is also on the American Film Institute’s list of the Top 100 Films in the last 100 years. Roger Ebert’s Review

4. Yankee Doodle Dandy

This is a great family film full of classic American tunes such as “Yankee Doodle Boy,” “Over There” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” James Cagney plays real-life entertainer George M. Cohan. It traces his life as child-star in his family’s vaudeville show to the time he received a medal from the president for his special contributions to the USA. Cagney won the Academy Award in 1942 for Best Actor and it’s on the American Film Institute’s list of the Top 100 Films in the last 100 years.   Roger Ebert Review

5. Rocky

You can hear the theme song in your head right now. This is the film that made Sylvester Stallone a star in 1976. It’s the story of the underdog fighter Rocky Balboa who is given his one shot in life to fight the heavy weight champ of the world. Rocky touches our core and exemplifies the American spirit. His love interest, played by Talia Shire, adds a sweetness to the film’s gritty story.  It won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. Roger Ebert Review



I’ve been pressured to add Independence Day and The Patriot to the list. So they are #6 & #7 on the list. There is controversy surrounding the accuracy of The Patriot but we can all agree that Independence Day is fiction.

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