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Holiday Retro Toy Guide

Happy Thanksgiving
Let Our Sock Monkey Be Your Guide

Shopping Sock MonkeyOur Favorite Retro Toys

Roy Toy Log Building Set   Roy Toy Logs – 1930’s
This is the same USA-made building set and package design that was first introduced in the 1930s in East Machias, Maine. Lift the box top and smell the all-natural pine wood. Watch a smile form on the face of a new grandparent as they are reminded of a time many years ago when he/she, as a small child, was helped by his/her grandparents to build a log cabin for the first time.

Kit-Cat ClockKit-Cat Clock – 1930’s
This classic American iconic Kit-Cat clock has been in family homes for over 3 generations, is still made in USA, and continues to be the most loved timekeeper in the household.

Sock MonkeyAmerican Sock Monkey – 1930’s
In 1932 during the Great Depression, times where tough and worn-out Rockford Red Heel socks became the iconic American sock monkey for gifts. The smile or frown mouth was achieved using the red patented heel. By 1955 every pair of “Rockfords” included a sock monkey pattern. A common phrase also began during that era –  “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle,” to express surprise or disbelief.

Wooden Cone ToyWooden Cone Toy – 1930’s
This is the original Classic Rocky Color Wood Cone educational toy that was first designed 1938 and continues to be a bestseller today! Unlike cheaper imitations, this original Wood Cone features a rounded wood base which is a trademarked design and is still made in USA.

SlinkySlinky – 1940’s
Slinky originated in 1945 as part of an antivibration device developed by American naval engineer Richard James, who thought the spring might be a successful toy because of its comical walking behavior. Over half a century later, Slinky still lives.

Potholder LoomPot Holder Loom – 1950’s
We made these potholders as kids and still treasure them today. When the kettle boils these are the potholders we use, not the fancy ones we got as gifts. Originally weavers looped threads around a tree branch to create a natural type of loom but we make it easier today. The loom is made of US steel to last a lifetime.

Wooly Willy   Wooly Willy – 1950’s
This is the same Wooly Willy we all know and love. Children and adults love playing with the magnetic magic dust and making crazy hair styles on Willy. In 1955 James Herzog made a brilliant discovery—that the dust from magnet grinding could be used for magnetic drawing! He patented the first workable Wooly Willy.
Mister Rogers TrolleyMister Rogers Trolley – 1960’s
This is an amazing crafted replica of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Trolley made right here in the USA. The classic Trolley brings memories to parents and grandparents and attracts a new generation of fans. The USA-made Mr. Roger’s Trolley is a popular desktop toy and conversation piece or can become a treasured toy for children.

Army MenArmy Men – 1960’s
Originally produced in the late 60’s, these figures may have been the first to represent US infantry troops during the Cold War with contemporary equipment including M16 A1 rifles and an experimental M60 light machine gun.

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