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Wisconsin enters the Union – May 29, 1848

wisconsin vintage postcardCheese state Wisconsin has 18,000 dairy farmers who still hook up cows individually to steel milking machines. In 1841 Anne Pickett established the first cottage cheese factory. 17 years later John Smith got the first cheese vat and stated marketing cheese outside of Wisconsin.

The 130,00 citizens voted 4 times against joining the Union fearing higher taxes. After years of watching the prosperity the federal programs brought to the Midwestern states they entered the Union as the 30th state in 1848.

Fun Facts & a Lot of Cheese Days

  1. Cheese lover’s day is Jan 20th
  2. Big block of cheese day is Jan 29th
  3. Monroe WI cheese festival is the 3rd weekend in Sept
  4. Grilled cheese day is April 12th
  5. National cheese day is June 4th
  6. Bonduel is the Spelling Capital of Wisconsin.
  7. Muscoda is the Morel Mushroom Capital of Wisconsin.
  8. Sauk City is Wisconsin’s oldest incorporated village.
  9. Prairie du Sac hosts the State Cow Chip Throwing Contest on Labor Day weekend.
  10. Sturgeon Bay is the Shipbuilding Capital of the Great Lakes.
  11. Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capital of the World.
  12. Green Bay is the Toilet Paper Capital of the World.

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