3 Strikes and You Win

Houston TWBA Bowling 1971If you get three strikes during a bowling match with your friends and family you are likely to win. If you are in a PBA league then you better try for a “six-pack” which is slang for six consecutive strikes.

Bowling started 2,000 years ago in Egypt but the game and rules we know today were established in New York City in 1895.

The biggest secret of bowling is health benefits. Bowling is a great weight bearing workout since you are walking and lifting a heavy 6-16 lb ball for a decent amount of time. It is also a great way to hang out with others since movement and talking leads to more stimulating conversations. Bowling taps into our primal way of bonding with others.

There are a few risks such as dropping the ball on your toe, back issues if you don’t bend your knees when lifting the ball, and getting your fingers stuck in the ball. However, the benefits outweigh the risks unless you are prone to accidents. In that case you can just keep score.

Bowling is also a fashion statement. How often you you get to wear a multi-color shirt and shoes and not get stares?

The color of ball you choose allows for some color therapy and the glitter ball is a must.  So, what do those ball colors reflect about you and how can they help improve your game?

Red – Stimulating, raises blood pressure
Orange– Stimulating with emotions and sexuality
Pink– Romantic and charming, can create physical weakness
Yellow– Power and ego, happiness
Green– Love, sense of responsibility, restful
Blue – Calming, physical, strong, steadfast
Purple– Forgiveness, compassion, understanding, mysterious, nobility
Black– Elegance, sophistication
Brown– Wholesomeness and dependable
White– Cleanliness, purity, cause headaches for some people
Silver– Glamorous, distinguished, graceful aging
Gold– Wealth, prosperity

Knock Down the Kitties

Knock Down the Kitties

Bowling Kitty Toy Set

The Bowling Kitty Toy Set we offer is not exactly regulation PBA but it’s fun. You get 6 little kitties and a wooden ball to play knock down with your kids. The game teaches hand-eye coordination and counting. You may be grooming the next bowling champion, but sadly bowling was only a demonstration sport at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics so don’t expect a gold medal.

Get one now and try for a six-pack.

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