Austin Texas Floods In Minutes – Ask Whole Foods

Made in USA Rain Gauge

Last night the iPhone sounded the flash flood sirens. It’s always unnerving when it does that. Since we have tornadoes in Austin I immediately started thinking about how to get the family, including 3 skittish cats and a 45 lb dog, into the space under the stairs which is already full. Luckily it was only a flash flood. I don’t say that lightly though. Ask Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Market, previously known as Saferway, started in 1980 as the crunchy “health food store.” Remember this was the time of microwave popcorn, packets of Hidden Valley dressing and Chicken McNuggets. We were too busy to cook since both husband and wife were working.

About 7 months after Whole Foods launched, Austin had the worst flood in 75 years and Whole Foods’ entire inventory was soaked to the tune of $400,000. It was the Austin community that quickly helped them recover. My personal theory is that the flood was the catalyst to their empire. Nothing sparks an¬†entrepreneurial¬†drive better than adversity not to mention knowing the community was willing to give them free sweat equity. As you know they are really big now.

Our rain gauge topped out at 5″ but some parts of Central Texas got 13″ of rain. 500 homes were flooded, 60 people had to be rescued from their roofs and 6,500 people were without power. Austin may not have a drop of rain during the unbearable heat of the summer but when it rains, it pours here.

The photo is of the rain gauge in our front yard. Full to the top. The gauge is Made in the USA of course.


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