Betsy Ross Worked Hard For the Money

Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross - Tough to the Core

Betsy Ross  is best known for making the first US flag but… akin to telling you there is no Santa Claus… Betsy was not the first person who made the flag, but it IS documented that she received payment in 1777 to make “ship’s colours” for the Pennsylvania State Navy.

Her life, however, is a classic example of American perseverance. She ultimately endured widowhood, single motherhood, managing a household, running an upholstery business, and remarrying for economic reasons.

 If that was not enough she was expelled from her Quaker meeting house in Philadelphia by family and friends for her initial marriage since her husband was not a Quaker.

She died at 84 years old in 1836. Fifty years later her grandson was featured in Harper’s Monthly telling the fabled story that his grandmother made the first flag in June of 1776 after a visit from President George Washington. Her grandson had an active imagination and a tough grandmother.


USA Flag

Polycotton 3'x5' US Flag Kit with Steel Pole

Why You Need to Hoist a US Flag

The US flag is very complex insofar as its meaning for each individual. The flag is also a tough survivor. It has seen battle, been burned, turned upside down, and been used for political gain but it is a survivor.

If you are a survivor, the US flag is the ultimate symbol representing that you will not go down without a fight. You have a right to your beliefs no matter what anyone else thinks. These rights have been tested over the years but the flag is still there for you. Fly it.

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