Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Made in USA Products

Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl commercials are headed in a good direction by featuring many Made in USA products. Extra good news is that the Super Bowl itself has chosen to use US companies to provide their supplies.

The coin used in the opening toss is made by The Highland Mint in Melbourne, Fla which you can order online.

The artificial turf is made by the 16-year old company FieldTurf in Calhoun, Ga. and they are using their Twitter account to provide play-by-play coverage.

You can even pick your favorite team by who’s wearing Made in USA uniforms, The Giants’ uniforms are manufactured by the Israeli company Tefron and the Patriots are wearing uniforms made by Ripon Athletics in Berlin, Wis.

The players choose their own helmets and most have some components Made in the USA. Also US company Wilson has made the NFL footballs for every Super Bowl game.

The car commercials during the Super Bowl were tricky to figure out since car parts are manufactured all over the place. Feel free to add your insight in the comments.

Chevy: They are not featuring the Malibu model which is Made in the USA but since several commercial are strictly branding their name they squeeze on this list.

Cadillac: The ATS model advertised is made in Lansing, MI but the commercial is emphasizes the car design which originated in Germany.

Honda: They are opening several new manufacturing plants in the USA so they make the list.

Suzuki: Made in many places including a few items in the US

Volkswagen: Made all over including Chattanooga, TN

Kia: They just opened a new plant in Georgia

Coca-Cola: Atlanta, GA

Pepsi: Baltimore, MA

M&Ms: Made in the USA but they have had issues with the sourcing of their coca beans in the past. Currently they work with the Fair Trade organization to provide fair wages and help coca farmers.

Pizza Hut: Made down the street but they have been criticized for slashing and burning forests in Indonesia to plant palm oil plantations.

Oikos Yogurt: Made from organic milk from family farms


Audi: Made in Germany

Acura: Made all over including several models Made in the USA but not the model featured during the Super Bowl.

Hyundai: Made in South Korea in the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility

Fiat: Made mostly Canada however the commercial itself features an Italian supermodel and should get some points for….. well….

H&M David Beckham Briefs: Made in Asia & Europe. This one gets sex appeal points too but I’m not sure how this post got off-topic.

Skechers Shoes: Made in China

Samsung: South Korea

BelVita: It’s being launched by Kraft in the USA at the Superbowl but since it is a popular European breakfast snack I can only assume it’s made overseas. Anyone else know about this?

Downy Unstopables: I have no clue

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