Top 5 Made In America Muscle Cars

We are setting ourselves up for failure attempting to name only 5 classic Made in America cars but instead of completing a longer list we want to know your favorite muscle car and why. Just put your choices in the comments. If you own a muscle car send us a picture at –  photos(at) We will post it.

1966 Chevrolet Camaro Made in America

1966 Chevrolet Camaro

1. Chevrolet Camaro – 1966 – $2,466

The Mustang and Camaro had a fierce rivalry starting in the 60’s. Both were fast and great looking on the “strip.”

The first generation Camaro was based on Chevy’s compact Nova. It was rated at 140 horsepower but an RS/SS convertible powered by a 396 was provided by Chevy as a pace car for the 1967 Indianapolis 500. Motor Trend reported that its SS-350 did a quarter-mile in 15.4 seconds at 90 mph.

In 2009 Papa John’s owner, Papa John Schnatter, paid $250,000 to get his original Bumblebee-striped black-and-gold 1971½ Chevy Camaro Z28 back home again. He also gave all customers who owned Camaros a free pizza the day he got it back.

Boss 301 Mustang Made in America

1969 Boss 301 Mustang

2. Ford Boss 302 Mustang – 1969 – $3,720

To compete with the Camaro, Ford launched the Mustang in 1964. It did not have the power of the Camaro so Ford created the Boss 302 engine which topped out at 14.6 seconds for a quarter mile at 98 mph.

The car’s “Boss” nickname was immortalized when its creator Larry Shinoda was asked what project he was working on, he answered “the boss’s car” because the project was a secret.

Ford Thunderbolt Made in America

1964 Ford Thunderbolt

3. Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt – 1964 – $3,780

Only 120 were produced for the sole purpose of drag racing. It ran a quarter mile in 11.61 seconds at 124.8 mph. The first 11 produced were painted Vintage Burgundy and the others were Wimbledon White.

The car was street legal however Ford included a disclaimer mounted in the glove box warning the owner it was not really a safe car for the average Joe to drive.

It is a popular Hot Wheels car and appears in the Xbox360 game Forza Motorsport 4.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette

1967 Chevrolet Corvette

4. Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray – 1967 – $4,240

The 1967 model was the last of the second generation Corvette after 5 years of working out the kinks. To keep up with the current fad a black vinyl cover was offered on the model.

In May 2012 Neil Armstrong’s 67 Corvette was discovered in an old barn. He received the Corvette along with all the other astronauts December of 1966 as part of a program initiated by Jim Rathman Chevrolet in Melbourne Florida. It was put on eBay with a reserve of $245,00 and sold for $250,090

1949 Cadillac

1949 Cadillac

5. Cadillac – 1949 – $3,050

It was the newly redesigned engine that made this year’s model explode in popularity. It was fast and good-looking. It also became a symbol in America that “you were a success.” This Caddie was a new sensation on race tracks.

In 1949, “Uncle” Tom McCahill reported in Mechanix Illustrated that “With this engine, Cadillac, despite its large size, out-performs just about every car being made.”

In Conclusion

Americans love their cars. We posed the question on our Facebook page asking fans to guess which Made in USA cars would be on this list. We had fans of the Challenger, Bandit, 67 Malibu SS, 55 Chevy, Shelby Cobra, 65 Mustang, and 70 GTO among others. Add your favorites too.

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